It’s National Coffee Day!

The official beverage of is, of course, coffee. To celebrate, I present to you five reasons why coffee has certainly earned its own holiday:

1. It makes you poop.
2. It helps you do things faster (re: poop)
3. It’s an excellent excuse to meet up with friends.
4. It’s a reason to splurge on a donut.
5. It brings the people of earth together—because despite our different religions or beliefs we can all universally agree that coffee is a gift from the gods.

Do You Have an Idea for a Cartoon?

Hey, guys!

You may have noticed that there is a brand new section on Sissy Biscuit: Suggestion for Cartoons.

Starting tomorrow and running through October 5, all of the cartoons on the site will have been created based on ideas submitted by readers. Not only is this fun for you because you get to contribute, but it’s great for me because I am extremely lazy. I would love to use your cartoon ideas for inspiration on the days when I am sitting here with my face in a cup of coffee trying to squeeze the last drop of creativity out of my dried up brains.

Do you think that you have a cartoon concept for me? Just click the new button on the page and tell it to me! Your idea just may be the next thing I draw. 

I can’t wait to hear from you, and be sure to check back next week because there is a lot of awesome stuff coming that will knock your socks off. Well, maybe it won’t necessarily knock them off, but they’ll fall down a little. Okay, okay it won’t do anything to your socks, but I think it’s worth seeing.

When I was in high school I changed my nail polish color almost every day, spent an hour picking out my outfit, and would have never gone out of the house without the perfect accessories.

Now I’m an adult and I have to promise myself a mini Milky Way just to convince myself to get in the shower.

Sometimes it takes two Milky Ways.