Meet Peter

Peter is the unofficial Sissy Biscuit mascot. He is unofficial only because he prefers to be paid in egg salad sandwiches instead of money.

Peter is a disturbing thing that I made as a child when I had the brilliant idea to make and sell stuffed animals for extra cash. Peter was the only stuffed animal that I ever made, and no one ever wanted to buy him. I’m actually happy about that, because now he is priceless to me.

Peter has a thick European accent that is hard to distinguish. He could be Swedish, but whenever we try to ask him he just demands Swedish Fish. His hobbies include: staring at his reflection in the toaster, taking lukewarm baths, and adding to his collection of chunks of wallpaper. His favorite band is Culture Club. He has a very large collection of shiny shoes, despite not having feet.

His favorite smell is subway (the transportation, not the fast food chain). Peter’s favorite day is Earth Day because he believes in recycling, due to the fact that he is made entirely of recycled materials.

He’s Sissy Biscuit’s biggest fan, so please be nice to him. He just wants you to love him. And for you to let him smell your hair.